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    WHITE Hellenic Premium Mattresses

    The priority for man is for us a contract of honor. Behind each mattress is a skilled craftsman! A talented man! Our man! One of us from the Dodecanese islands. From the most talented warm corner of the Mediterranean. The side of this world with the most sunshine on the planet. SUN, LIGHT, WHITE, GREECE.That is why we honor this people on this earth by baptizing our mattresses with their names. of our islands. We promote the idea of ​​creating the right conditions for a healthy, restful, refreshing and enjoyable sleep! Because good sleep means a better quality of life.
    *The price is only for the mattress and not the mattress toppers of the pictures.The natural selection!The materials have been selected according to t..
    664.0€ Ex Tax:535.5€
    Orthopedic/ Medium HardnessRemovable/ Washable FabricCore: Individual springs (Pocket springs 1.8mm). The difference between the pocket and the c..
    400.0€ Ex Tax:322.6€
    Orthopedic | Medium hardnessCore: Mini bonnel springs. Mini bonell springs have wider metal and smaller ''eye'' that the regular bonnel. Core pro..
    448.0€ Ex Tax:361.3€
    Orthopedic | Medium HardnessCore: Bonnel springs. The bonnel springs are a very popular choice. The support that these springs provide comes from..
    250.0€ Ex Tax:201.6€