Sleep is so much more than just closing our eyes waiting for the sun to rise.
It’s what makes us human. We live, we sleep, we dream.
Sleep is like a white canvas for a better day ahead.
A human superpower to restore our energy, refuel our dreams,
reshape our life.
At WHITE, we design impeccable sleeping realities
with care for the human needs and the quality of the space we grow in.
We dream of a fresh, more natural world. And create it.



Introducing a new sleeping culture.

We don’t make ordinary sleeping goods. Our dedicated team of artisans skilfully tailors every mattress with mastery, ingenuity and love, upgrading each bedroom into a soul-healing sanctuary. As we say in Greece, ‘quality with the eyes closed’. Literally.

the earth too.

We are also actively working towards a less tired and sustainable planet. We choose natural, mostly locally sourced materials and have adopted zero-waste certified production methods since our foundation, eliminating our environmental footprint with proper distribution and recycling of waste.

Rise and shine from Rhodes with love.

Our sleeping realities bring the essence of Greece to the bedroom; the colours white and blue, the softness of the people, the honesty of island life, the natural elements, the Aegean breeze, the feel goodness of the sea, the sunshine; These are our raw materials and define our brand’s experience.

Elevating each bedroom into a soul-healing sanctuary.

Every night we have the chance to let go and immerse in our true nature. See how our mattresses realise the dream.


Everything that surrounds us reflects our holistic take on feel-goodness. Our story is harmoniously completed with highly curated interior stories, furniture, objects and bedding ideas, created with nature-loving materials and methods.

Second Nature.

Our long and knowledgeable journey in creating premium sleeping environments goes three generations back.