And we sleep happily ever after.


Our long and knowledgeable journey in creating premium sleeping environments goes three generations back. Our team’s leaders continue and honour the inherited ethos, traditions and signature passion of their pioneer grandfathers who were both renown for their well-established hotel-furnishing businesses. In 2015, the team’s brand creator Dimitris Lizardos introduced ‘REBRANDING HOTELS’ a premium company dedicated to turnkey hotel interiors curation, followed by ’WHITE PREMIUM HELLENIC MATTRESSES”, with the pivotal comanagement support of Kyriakos Salahouris and the intention to shake the industry of state-of-the-art sleeping, launching a mattress collection of incomparable quality. Both Dimitris Lizardos and Kyriakos Salahouris infuse the company’s dynamic team with their game-changing creativity and open-mindedness, sharing their common love for simplicity, quality and authenticity.

Our humans-creating-for-humans policy.

We take extra pride in participating in world-class exhibitions, promoting greek entrepreneurship and ingenuity to the world with the vision to elevate the experience of sleep in all corners of the planet. We are also actively working on growing our corporate social responsibility, supporting our local communities in every way we can. And it feels good.