We don’t make ordinary sleeping goods. Our dedicated team of artisans skilfully tailors every mattress with mastery, ingenuity and love, upgrading each bedroom into a soul-healing sanctuary. As we say in Greece, ‘quality with the eyes closed’. Literally.

the earth too.

We are also actively working towards a less tired and sustainable planet. We choose natural, mostly locally sourced materials and have adopted zero-waste certified production methods since our foundation, eliminating our environmental footprint with proper distribution and recycling of waste.

sunshine, everyday.

We love to snooze every morning. We are human.
But we love our mission more. The well-being of our community is keeping us up at night. We know that the more passionately we work to better our craft, the better you sleep. And this shapes our philosophy; because the better you sleep, the better you live.

Hello, world.
(Goodnight, too.)

We take extra pride in participating to world renown exhibitions, like Salone del Mobile Milan and Maison&Objet Paris, promoting greek entrepreneurship and ingenuity to the world. Our vision, to elevate the experience of sleep in all corners of the planet. To say ‘goodnight’, and mean it.

your back.

We are determined to support our local communities in every way we can. During the roughest times of the pandemic we made and donated 10.000 protective masks to all primary schools in Rhodes and kept growing our corporate social responsibility ever since. We are on a humans-creating-for-humans policy. And it feels good.