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    Orthopedic | Medium hardness

    • Core: Mini bonnel springs. Mini bonell springs have wider metal and smaller ''eye'' that the regular bonnel. 
    • Core protector: Elasticized coco with liquid latex 3D Air Mesh. The coco fibers are consisted of closed cells full of air that provide excellent insulation and endurance against mold and corrosion, especially in a humid environment. Coco is considered one of the most important materials in the mattress industry. The layers of coco fiber provide excellent air flow.&  heat insulation. The  3D Air mesh fabric provides total support, elasticity air flow and a cooling effect. 
    • Upper Materials: 2 cm of Memory foam, 2cm of soft foam and 2 cm of white wadding that is consisted of cotton and polyester fibers that allow the free flow of air and are hypallergenic 
    • Fabric: Quilted white antibacterial fabric that prevents the forming of pathogenic microorganisms on the surface of the fabric
    • Binding: Edge tape
    • Height: 27cm
    • Guarantee: 7 Years
    • OEKOTEX certification

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